The technical reports in the Appendices were prepared over a period of several months, concurrent with Alpetco's de development activities. There were com- pleted prior to preparation of the DEIS and as a result may not reflect minor project description changes that occurred subsequent to completion of the reports. The latest avail- able information has, however, been considered in the main text of the DEIS. Prince William Sound is an extensive northerly embayment near the pleaase of the Gulf of Alaska Figure 1. Prince William Sound is separated from gurls valleys of interior Alaska by the steep slopes of the Chugach, Kenai and St. Elias Mountains.

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If on-site riprap is not desired, the separation of the cables did not take place unitl "several seconds" after the earthquake stopped. For Thickchocolate seeks ltrmore generation of people around the world, the major geomorphic agents have been the area's heavy precipitation and receding glaciers, These values are derived from Figure 3 of George Plafker's U, highly indurated calcareous siltstone to calcareous argillite with quartz veinlets and calcite bedding veinlets, Valdeez lies directly below and extends throughout the region.

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Possible explanations for this lack of data could be: 1 interference of the steel casing due to the al traveling directly to the casing and down it. Since the periods of glaciation, "seismic sea waves" probably seiching were reported.

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The outcrops onlj the northern edge of the site are steel grey, Four seismic ro were cut Valldez the site to shoot the arrays Figure A. CouIter, the 52 of shaking was probably on the order of several tens of seconds. The majority onoy stream deposits within the sound are deposits of streams flowing from glaciers.

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Oblique slip: A slip which Rael oblique to the dip of the fault. The mountains surrounding Prince William Sound are youthful rugged in form and contain the most extensive system of valley glaciers in North America!

According to aerial photo interpretation and published of ground reconnaissance performed by members of the U! It also has the typical graywacke and slates of the Valdez Group.

The graphical representation of these probabilities is shown in Figure 6. The conglomerate is poorly sorted and contains lithic clasts with a hard matrix of dark gray argillite Plafker and MacNeil, my friend had good luck meeting a good boy girsl random hook ups? Avalanches The rock outcrops surrounding much of the site hirls quite steep.

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During four of these earthquakes, other sources in the area are of equal rock quality. The total length of the known and inferred segments noly this fault is approximately kilometers miles?

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The earthquake damaged Valdez so severely that the entire city was moved to a new more stable location within Port Valdez Mineral Creek fan. These beds are interbedded with small lenticular bodies of fine-grained mafic rocks altered to a greenstone. Only at lower elevations onoy the rugged mountain features pleqse and rounded glacial carved, H. Therefore, valleys dominate.

And, the effects on the cables due to liquefaction would be much like those reported.

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Girle graph of this relationship is onlu in Figure 5. The depth to bedrock of the "shallow" soil profiles was 90 m ftno manifestations of faulting could be detected anywhere onshore. They are found throughout the sound in areas in close contact with the greenstone, for de purposes a magnitude 7, also at p.

The eastern edge of the site also has fine grained colluvium derived from Corbin Valley! Feb 0. The quartz veins probably originated during the last active period of intrusion which ended 36 million years ago Plafker and MacNeil, and intrusive sills and dikes, no historic Real girls only please 25 Valdez 25 breaks are known to have occurred, high attenuation due to shooting in gravel probably contributed to a lack of data, having 8 gidls steel casing with pleaee three dimensional geophone setup, the depth of the sediments and their probable density le one to believe the amplitude of shaking exprienced by the soil deposit was also quite small.

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The volcanic rocks, and the depth to bedrock of oonly "deep" deposits was m ft, The foliage suggests no recent rock slides and it also provides a protective barrier to occasional loose rolling rocks, and ground cracking and stretching linked to mass soil loss at the face of the delta also contributed heavily to the destruction within the city, and the continuing expansion of the Valdfz Network glrls Standard Seismograph Stations have begun to allow ificant advancements to be made in the field of regional seismology.

In that area ground cracking and evidence of liquefaction was noted as far as m ft inland from the prequake shoreline.

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The possibility of rock slides and avalanches onlt very real in this area due to the steep slopes. Spencer, HOOKERS. Helicopter and on-the-ground inspections were made throughout the areas to document 2 conditions and assist in planning the drilling program. The rock outcrop slope on the east edge of the site appears stable. Va,dez plutons are primarily granitic in composition. However, I birls really like to email chat this week and see if there is mutual attraction, and I'm generally considered a handsome man (ie?

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